Sebastian Alejandro Andujar

About Me

I am a student out of MSU Denver out of Colorado, born in 2001 in Sulzbach, Germany. I moved to Colorado when I was 3 and have lived here ever since. I train Muay Thai full time along with my job as a marketing coordinator. I'm a busy man, and it works out better that way for me. Times when I have off, I like to dig into my creative side such as making this website you are currently on, drawing and designing mockup designs of tech and chairs and reading Sociology and Psychology books. My graduation year is 2023 and I will be obtaining my degree in Marketing with a minor in Industrial design. I have a deep passion for both and love seeing how a certain design of a product can make the product more marketable. Going off on a tangent there but that is about all the information I have on me before I give away too much, since Big Brother is always watching.