DON Design

Axe Design


Trashed plywood scraps turned into a handy footstool for when working low to the ground and out when you need a squatty potty. Interlocking legs allow for easy storage and shipping needs. Imperfections in the wood represent the "trash to treasure" of using scraps in order to create a beautiful object.

Simple B shelf bracket 

 1 1/2 x 1 1/2 14 Gaguge steel tubing used.

Concept made for my garage bar; unfinished plywood to fit the other wood shelfs in my garage. Open top to allow for another shelf or if you have a bottle of 1942 Tequilla, you are able to remove the top shelf to allow for more space. Welded, sanded and powered coated beat brown.

Cutting board

Now what meets the eye make look like any simple cutting board... well it is, just a nice blond strip placed down the left side of the board. 10 x 19 and features Machiche and Blond Cedar wood.